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Brympton d’Evercy Somerset
The West Front
A supreme example of the English Country House
Quote from Country Life 1927 by Christopher Hussey
“Which is the most beautiful place you have ever seen?” I am often asked this question but give non- committal answers. Nearly every country house has some quality about it whether of architecture, sentiment, historical associations or scenery, that makes it in the narrowest sense of the word, incomparable. But Brympton has them all and unites them so perfectly that the whole cannot be surpassed: scarcely be analysed. There are greater, more historic, more architecturally impressive buildings in grander scenery; but I know of none of which the whole impression is more lovely. None that summarises so exquisitely English country life.
750 years of family history
From    1220    to    the    present    day    the    house,    gardens    and surrounding   estate   have   been   owned   by   only   a   few   families. Starting   in   1220   with   the   d’Evercy   family,   then   through   late medieval,   Tudor   and   Elizabethan   times   by   the   Sydenhams. In   1731   the   Fanes,   who   became   the   Earls   of   Westmorland, became   owners   of   the   house.   This   family’s   connection   with the   house   remained   through   the   Ponsonby-Fane   and   Clive- Ponsonby-Fane   branches   of   the   family   until   late   in   the   20th century.        The    house    and    gardens    remain    in    private ownership today.  
The work of Sir John Posthumous Sydenham after the style of Inigo Jones
The South Elevation
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